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Satanic Panic: An Evening of Paranoia and Power

Was a generation being preconditioned for devil worship through heavy metal music & He-Man? In a time of deep social upheaval, paranoia is paramount! Recall the power that misunderstanding & moral panic hold to destroy lives & experience it all at Satanic Panic. The ballroom transforms into an occult ritual space where infamous talk show… Read more »

SATANIC PANIC: An Evening of Paranoia & Power

Satanic Panic

Get ready to Shout, Shout, Shout at the Devil! Was a generation being preconditioned for devil worship through heavy metal music and He-Man?! When those lyrics are chanting out DO IT DO IT DO IT…what was “IT”…drugs…sex…MURDER?! In a time of deep social upheaval paranoia is paramount! Remember the power that misunderstanding and moral panic… Read more »

Neil Tobin’s Near Death Experience

Neil Tobin

Legendary Chicago Necromancer Neil Tobin has embarked on a fundraising campaign for a new immersive theatrical experience – a Near Death Experience. “Everyone’s fascinated with death—we watch movies and shows filled with it. But we tend to avoid examining how it affects us on a day-to-day basis. As a theatre artist with specialized skills in… Read more »

Holiday Horror Photography & Networking Workshop at Midnight Terror Haunted House on Dec. 4

Holiday Horror Photography & Networking Workshop

Midnight Terror Haunted House has been re-themed as a Holiday Horror Story, we have scheduled a private day just for photographers, cosplayers and models. There are several areas staged just for this shoot. From Christmas Main Street to the Winter Wonderland of Horror, Oversized Christmas Presents and also a Krampus,tons of room to shoot, two… Read more »

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