Chicago Zombie March Frequently Asked Questions

Chicago Zombie March FAQ

1. Is this real?

2. Is this legal?
We’re going about this the legal way. Behave yourselves and you won’t get maced.

3. Can my band play?
As awesome as it would be to have some sort of Zombapalooza, we do not have a stage, nor do we have any place elsewhere for you to play. If your band gets a venue for that night, we’ll see about promoting you through the event/group pages, but we can’t do much else for you. Sorry.

4. Is there an age limit?
We accept zombies of all ages.

5. Will there be alcohol?
Not at a Zombie March, no. The undead have no need for beverage, and you can hold out too for a day. Serving minors will get the cops involved.

Zombie pub crawls and other events may be boozy.

6. Will you guys do my makeup there?
Whoa now, there’s a lot of people showing up and limited artists, so don’t show up in plainclothes without makeup and expect to be zombified. If you want professional makeup help from our experienced zombie makeup artists, contact David Lasley at or Colleen Jones at Space is limited.

7. Will there be film crews there?
I dunno. If they feel like showing up. We don’t have any agreements with anyone concerning documenting the event, but if you feel like showing up with a camera or camcorder or something, we won’t say no to awesome photo-ops.

8. YOU GUYS ARE SICK FREAKS!!!!eleventyone!!!
Nah. We’re actually quite normal, with a penchant for mischief. We do not go about our lives in some zombie-fascinated daze*. We are equally amused by ninjas, pirates, walruses, hippies, etc. Plus, that wasn’t really a question.

9. Can we do whatever we want there?
No. While you’re free to express yourself (within reason), illegal activity will not be allowed.

Things to avoid:

A. Scaring people deliberately, especially children. Don’t do it – it’s a public street, not a haunted house. Zombies aren’t cruel.

B. Screaming at onlookers, especially screaming slurs or curses. Zombies are inarticulate.

C. Creating a mess and leaving it for somebody else to have to clean up. Your Zombie Mom doesn’t march behind you.

D. Damaging property. Zombies shamble. They don’t break stuff.

Rule of thumb: mind your own business, and don’t hassle people that aren’t dressed like zombies.

10. Can I bring a real weapon?
NO. Real weapons on the streets of Chicago are illegal. You’ll get arrested and, when you do, you’ll be on your own.

*The webmaster would like to note that, in fact, he does live his life in some zombie-fascinated daze, and gets well paid for it…

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