Dream Theatre Company Presents OLIVE AND THE MOUSE SPIDER KING

  • Posted : March 30th, 2016

Dream Theatre Company presents Olive and the Mouse Spider King and will be performed Thursdays through Sundays at 8:00 pm from March 31st through April 17th at 5026 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60625.

Olive Bean Hester is a lonely and friendless girl with a dangerous imagination, who prefers nightmares to happy dreams. So when the candles burn out onher 16th birthday, her nightmare becomes reality and that secret wish damns her to the worst fate that her powerful imagination could come up with. All shewants is to be left alone, but Olive is soon whisked away to the underground world of the Dreamchild Neverists, a broken place that is being torn apart,and meets other inhabitants whose fates and wishes may not be so different from her own — but perhaps Olive is exactly what this world needs. And perhaps it is a world worth saving.

This magic filled fairy-tale written and directed by Jeremy Menekseoglu features the ensemble cast of Madelaine Schmitt, Kaitlin Stewart, LaurenKenning, Amanda Lynn Meyer, Nyle Kenning, J. Eric Barton, Jeremy Menekseoglu, Anna W Menekseoglu and Nicole Roberts. Original characterillustrations by Mab Graves, puppets and setting illustrations designed by Anna W Menekseoglu, sound design by Jeremy Menekseoglu, lighting by Paul Knappenberger and the set, props and puppets built by the entire cast.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at dreamtheatrecompany.com, or make reservations and pay at the door by texting 773-552-8616 or emailing annainthedarkness@gmail.com.

Dream Theatre Company’s tradition of presenting original work in its unique style has earned them the recognition of Best Off-Loop Theatre Company(2014, 2012, 2010) in the the Chicago Reader Poll. Other awards include Best 15-Minute Horror Play (Audience Annihilated Part Two: Gold StarSticker, Chicago Reader Poll 2014), Best New Play (Chicago Reader, Peter Pan’s Shadow trilogy 2012 and The Agon Trilogy 2010), a Top 5 Showof 2010 (New City, Electra, part two of The Agon Trilogy) and of 2007 (New City, The Baby Killers), and a Jeff Award for The Black Ducking (2009).

Jeremy Menekseoglu has written over 45 full length plays that have been produced at Dream Theatre Company and in several cities across the countryas well as internationally. He is currently working on a trilogy of novels titled DREAMCHILD NEVERISTS of which this play is an adaptation of the firstbook. He is the founder and artistic director of Dream Theatre Company where most of his work has been presented as world premieres.Olive and the Mouse Spider King

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