Chicago Frights Halloween Expo Returns July 28-30, 2016

  • Posted : March 25th, 2016
Chicago Frights 2016

The sun is shining, steaks are on the grill, families are cooling off at the beaches, and this Halloween is coming to Chicago. More accurately, the Chicago Frights Halloween Expo is making its debut at the Georgios Conference Center in Orland Park, IL July 28-30, 2016. Chicago Frights is Hobbyists, yard haunters, costume makers, makeup artists and anyone else who simply digs scaring people. Open to the general public and everyone who loves Halloween is invited to attend!

“Chicago Frights Halloween Expo is chocked full of spooky networking , sharing scary ideas, learning new techniques, buying special effects and frightfully good times.” says Leonard Pickel, Show Coordinator and 35 year veteran of the fright attraction industry. “Haunting has come a long way since I started, and even in this slow economy Halloween events are making good money!”  Pickel chose Chicago for this convention because according to web portal, there are over 60 haunted and Halloween events within a 75 mile radius of O’Hare airport, making Chicagoland one of the largest haunt markets in the country.

No matter what your level of expertise, Chicago Frights Halloween Expo has learning opportunities to fit:  Hands-on workshops covering makeup, prop building and special effects, classes covering business plans, and actor employee handbooks, and actor training and character development classes.  Chicago Frights Halloween Expo provides attendees access to learn from the best and brightest the industry has to offer.

The Chicago Frights Halloween Expo dealer room is filled with prop and makeup providers, many selling products at wholesale pricing. Off season tours of local haunted houses are offered for those who can’t wait until October. Social events like the Hearse car show, zombie walk, haunted garage sale and monster costume party provide great networking opportunities, and a last chance to have some fun before the Halloween season starts up.

Last October, Americans spent over 7.4 billion dollars on Halloween, now the fastest growing holiday, second only to Christmas. Chicago Frights Halloween Expo is an awesome opportunity for fright enthusiasts to get a jump on the holiday. Learn more at

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