Chicago Frights Zombie Walk

  • Posted : July 2nd, 2015

Do you LOVE zombies? Do you watch TV and cheer for the “Walking Dead?” Do you dream of being undead and walking among the living? Well here is your chance! Bring out your inner monster and walk with attendees at the area’s new haunt and Halloween convention, Chicago Frights! In collaboration with Chicago Zombie March, Chicago Frights will be hosting a zombie walk 3pm, Saturday July 18, and it’s FREE!

Come to the rear of the Hilton Lisle Naperville (away from the hotel), dressed in your tattered, rotting, bloody best, or get there early and let our makeup artists undead you up for tips! Monsters of all kinds, shapes, ages and sizes are welcome to come join in the hilarity and high jinks!

The zombie horde will gather at 4pm to stumble and stagger towards Mullens restaurant and bar for adult beverages and to mingle with whatever patrons are there. Then return to the Hilton and finish in the Dealer Room. You can find more info on the Facebook Event Page. So all you ghoulies and ghastly gals, come on out to the Chicago Zombie March/Chicago Frights Zombie Walk.

The Chicago Frights Haunts & Halloween Expo is July 16-19, 2015. For full information and to get tickets, visit Frights


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